For all your earthmoving needs

B&H Excavations specialises in earthmoving for domestic and commercial projects. With extensive industry knowledge and experience, we deliver efficient solutions to accommodate all of your open and tight access excavation requirements. With our highly skilled team, you can be assured your project will be completed in a safe, cost-effective and professional manner. Whether you require site cuts, land clearing or concrete removal, B&H Excavations, will be sure to deliver a superior service.

Tight access specialists

In order to projects to be completed on time, we utilise a fleet of modern equipment and machinery to tackle all jobs at hand from start to finish, delivering an all-in-one earthmoving solution. Our highly manoeuvrable and flexible machinery allows for tight access capability when dealing with different types of commercial and residential earthmoving projects. We are more than happy to help in providing professional earthmoving services for our clients right across Adelaide and beyond.

Why choose us?

When it comes to earthmoving Adelaide, B&H Excavations remain the leaders in delivering quality workmanship and friendly service. Our excavating services are carried out by a team of professional contractors who are passionate about doing the job right the first time. However, quality and safety will always come first in every project we undertake. Whatever type of earthmoving project we do, we understand that timing is crucial. Therefore, we offer swift turnaround times and high quality outcomes.